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Employment Management 

✓ Contract of Employment

✓ Award Interpretation 

✓ Hours of work ✓ Overtime 

✓ Casual Employment 

✓ Union Matters 

✓ Superannuation 

Employee Relation Advice 

✓ Contract of Employment

✓ Award Interpretation 

Leave Management

✓Personal Leave

✓ Long Service Leave

✓ Parental Leave 

✓ Annual Leave

✓ Public Holidays 

Termination of Employment 

✓ Redundancy

✓ Notice termination Disciplinary procedure

✓ Unfair Dismissal

Tailored HR Documentations

✓ Company Policy.

✓ Company Forms.

✓ Procedure.

✓ Checklist generation and management 

Wage Rate 

✓ Allowances 

✓ Payment of wages 




HRIS, (Human Resource Information System)


LMS (Learning Management System), Rostering


Prince2  Agile Project Management Method.



People's decisions are important to you, the decision-maker. If you prove to be skilled at solving " people puzzles," your business prospects will almost certainly get brighter. Conversely, if you repeatedly fail to get the right person in the job, your business prospect will suffer.

It's not the how or the what but the Who: Succeed your business by surrounding yourself with the best candidates.

Helping people and organizations make better choices about their employees, colleagues, team members, project partners, mentors, bosses, friends is the passion of eficaz recruitment because we see how those decisions lead to high-flying careers, successful businesses, happier lives, thriving organizations, and better societies.

It's our mission to help you to select the Right Stars for your team and hopefully, they will shine within the team to achieve organizational greatness.

We meet our clients' needs by conducting international recruitment at global scale. Currently, we have assisted our global clients to attract talents in the APAC region including Australia, New Zealand, Greater China, Singapore and also UK, US regions, Hong Kong across the construction, manufacturing, and professional service industry.

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Business Brainstorming


Merge & Acquisition

Restructure & Redundancy

Performance Management Projects

Change Management & Communication

EVP ( Employee Value Proposition)


Eficaz Consulting Leadership